Chronic Disease Improvement Collaborative Graduates Four Practices

Published on June 29, 2016 by
daniel onion md

Daniel Onion, MD, discusses the impact of Franklin County, Maine’s long-term chronic disease prevention interventions at the Chronic Disease Improvement Collaborative Learning Session.

Maine Quality Counts and the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention held the third and final Chronic Disease Improvement Collaborative (CDIC) Learning Session last week for this year’s four participating practices: Ellsworth Internal Medicine, York Family Practice, York County Community Action – Nasson Health Care, Lincoln Medical Partners Family Medicine – Damariscotta. Each practice reported significant strides in preventing and controlling Diabetes and Hypertension among their patient population. 34 practice staff members spent the day learning about the success of community disease prevention programs, reviewed clinical cases, analyzed their data for quality improvement, and heard from patients about the positive impact of diabetes education and behavior modification on their health.

Dr. Amy Belisle, Director of CDIC, and Sue Butts-Dion, Quality Improvement Advisor, facilitated a joint discussion on sustaining and spreading progress after the collaborative ends. One of the keynote speakers was Daniel Onion, MD, MPH, Professor of Community and Family Medicine, Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth, Director, and Maine-Dartmouth Family Medicine Residency. Dr. Onion reported on the 40 years of Community-Wide Disease Prevention Programs he facilitated in Franklin County, Maine.  Next, there was a panel discussion led by Missy Cormier, LCSW, Director of Chronic Disease for Maine Health, Amy Henderson, MS, RD, LD, Nutrition Services Supervisor at Maine Coast Memorial Hospital, and Rachel Naida, PharmD, CDE, Assistant Clinical Professor, University of New England College of Pharmacy.  They reviewed case studies created by the practices and provide valuable feedback about potential solutions and/or resources.  Amy Henderson also presented on navigating diabetes care, accompanied by two of her patients that spoke to their personal/patient experience with diabetes education.

Practices reported out on their work in CDIC and displayed their “Road Map,” reflecting milestones as well as their journey to successful outcomes.  Sue Butts-Dion then presented on understanding change management principles and applying lessons learned to guide the practices in the next phase of their work. This presentation included a team exercise reflecting strategies for improvement. Lastly, Dr. Amy Belisle provided closing remarks regarding sustainability and each practice shared their “graduation” words of wisdom.

  1. paul casey says:

    Quality Counts continues to lead the way to a healthier Maine. Well Done!

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